Faith To Lose Weight

Faith is believing in things the evidence of which, has not been seen. One of the reasons that many people fail dismally in their weight loss efforts are due to the fact that they have little or no faith in the program. They are merely using the program out of desperation. A great teaching on faith can be read in a new window by clicking here.

Being overweight can be described as having a sickness. It is not something that anyone desires, it is something that happens and we are often as powerless to fight against it as we are if it were a virus that we have caught. If weight gain is a sickness, it means that we have to fight it as we would any sickness that comes upon our body.

In order for sickness to come upon your body, most of the time there has to be a reason for that sickness to be able to attack you. This could be due to the fact that you have a weakened immune system, or you have eaten something to make you sick, or even that you have done something that you were not supposed to do (Like having unproteceted sex with multiple partners and contracting HIV)

Weight gain is no different. Weight gain is a sickness. We we all created in the image of God and God is perfect. This means that we were created perfect and that something has since happened to destroy the  perfection into which we were created.

With any battle over sickness, the mind is 90% of the weapon used to destroy the sickness. Firstly if you believe that you are sick as a form of punishment, or that is your divine destiny, you will never get better. You have to start to believe and confess that God did not create you to be anything other than perfect and beautiful. You have to believe that God is a forgiving God and that even though something has happened to remove you away from the original you that God created, He is quick to forgive and will return you to the perfect cretion that He wants you to be.

Life is a choice, and you need to make certain choices and live with the consequences of those decisions. There are decisions that you make in your life that are often not good. Many of these decisions and the consequences of these decisions can be reversed. In order to obtain your weight loss goals and to return to the perfect you, you may need to reverse a couple of bad decisions that you have made in the past.

These decisions could be to do with what you eat and drink, or even the way in which you choose to live.  Sickness mostly starts in the spritual realm and then manifests itself in the physical realm. It may be possible that  your weight gain and weight problem has little to do with your eating  and all to do with some other problem in your life. This is why no matter how many diets you go on and no matter how many pills you drink, you lose a little weight and then it all comes back. Nothing is permanent.

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In order to fully be healed and be set totally free from your weight problems, you have to find the root cause of the problem, remove the root cause and then walk into the faith of knowing that your weight problem has been removed and that you will return to the perfect creation that God meant you to be. God’s way to weight loss is a program that will help you to lose weight permanently.